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We’re fortunate to have the local businesses we have in Alexander City and Tallapoosa County. Many of them are family-owned and operated and run by local folks. It’s so important for community members to support these businesses because without us they can’t continue to open their doors. Think about that when you need to buy something next.

Spending your money in town is the best, fastest, most beneficial way to shop or get a service done that also helps your neighbors.

When you buy a part from Warren’s Appliance, you support the owner’s family. When you get a gift at Downtown Girl, you support the owners. Likewise for all local businesses.

Shopping local is crucial to local businesses and the economy.

The benefits of shopping at home are many.

1. It’s faster, safer and less expensive to shop closer to your home.

2. Money spent here is spent again and again benefiting many people in our community.

3. Local sales taxes fund our schools, our city police and fire services, help provide the money our city uses to help us all.

4. Local shopping means post-purchase activities are much easier — exchanging items and getting items serviced in the future.

5. Shopping at home builds community — one of our favorite parts of shopping locally is spending time with people we know.

We encourage you to shop at home, to visit the stores who advertise sales in The Outlook, and spend your money right here in town. 

Shop local. It does make a difference — more than you know.