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It was called an “unthinkable tragedy” but unfortunately many men and women must think about it every day and hope they are never called on to take action.

Alexander City first responders practiced how they would handle two active shooters at Benjamin Russell on Monday in a drill officials said was a success. ACFD Capt. Jeff Brewer, who oversaw the exercise, said those who participated took it seriously.

In the scenario, the two shooters simulated setting off an explosion in a car in a parking lot to divert attention away from the high school building. Then they went inside and began firing assault weapons, “killing” six at the scene.

Hearing the screams of wounded students in the hallway as police searched each room and evacuated bloodied victims was a vivid and chilling reminder of what has happened at too many U.S. schools in recent years and a warning of what could happen at BRHS or any of Alexander City’s schools.

The good news is our police and fire departments, school system and other emergency responders have a plan and they are working to make it better.

At the same time, we especially urge students to remain vigilant when they return to school and report anything that makes them suspicious to school officials. It could save many lives, including their own, and prevent such horrors in Alexander City.