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While we hope it never has to go into action, the Alexander City and Tallapoosa County Rescue Squad should make the area proud for the part its members played in retrieving the bodies of two men killed in a boating crash in Elmore County on July 4.

Clay Jackson, 26, and Travis House, 17, were thrown from the center console they were riding on in a collision with a runabout on Lake Jordan between 9:30 and 10 p.m. July 4, according to law enforcement officials.

Elmore County authorities quickly called the Alexander City and Tallapoosa County Rescue Squad, which acquired a sophisticated Kongsberg sonar last year through a grant with matching funds coming from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Russell Lands, the City of Alexander City and the Tallapoosa County Commission. The sonar can supply a 360-degree image of objects 300 feet away.

The squad scoured the lake bottom for two days in broiling temperatures and finally found the missing men, bringing closure and some comfort to anguished families who carefully watched rescue and dive teams repeatedly go beneath the surface in search of their loved ones.

We salute the members of the Alexander City and Tallapoosa County Rescue Squad for their expertise and caring hearts.