our view

With a holiday coming up in the middle of the week, many of us will take the entire week off of work.

Some of us will go out of town for July 4 vacation but many will stay right here for the majority of it. Our activities will keep us at home, on the lake and river.

It is great we have these great resources to enjoy; it is also our responsibility to take care of them. When we go for a picnic, we need to put those paper plates, napkins and cans in the garbage cans if we are not taking them to the recycle bins.

We need to make sure we leave the areas we use clean. Often, these areas belong to or are controlled by someone else. If we don’t clean up after ourselves, we will lose the privilege of using the boat ramp, river access or park.

How would you feel if someone came to your house, had a party creating a huge mess and left you to clean up afterwards? Would you invite them back? Probably not.

So when enjoying the resources we have at our disposal, take a moment to clean up.