There are some things we should never forget.

Birthdays, anniversaries, important phone numbers and addresses are some of the typical things that come to mind.

But there are more solemn things we should also make sure are ingrained in our minds. Events such as the bombing of Pearl Harbor or 9/11 fall into that category.

But locally, we should always remember there are a lot of brave men and women who put their lives on the line to help keep us safe.

The men and women of law enforcement answer the call in our time of need. They rarely ask why; instead, they just charge forward because someone needs their help.

They don’t have the luxury of fear or second thoughts. They do their job with honor although there is always a risk the next call could be the one that means they will not be coming home. 

For that, we should be eternally grateful. Our local officers go above and beyond.

The 23rd annual Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial was held Thursday morning and the names of the local law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty were read in a moving ceremony.

The local fallen heroes are named in a story on the front page of today’s Outlook.

We ask you commit these names to memory so we can think of them every day, not just each year in May.