Our View

Lowndes County Sheriff ‘Big John’ Williams is no longer with us because of a senseless act Saturday.

Williams will no longer drive the streets protecting the citizens of Lowndes County. Reports say he was a gentle giant who knew no color and was willing to help all.

We need to understand the fears of law enforcement. They go to work leaving behind a wife, husband, son or daughter not knowing if they will see their loved ones again. 

We are all mourning the loss of ‘Big John,’ especially his family. His family is more than those kin to Williams. It includes his law enforcement family. Alabama Law Enforcement Agency secretary Hal Taylor said Williams was loved by many and his loss will be felt.

“We in Alabama’s law enforcement community mourn the loss of a dedicated brother,” Taylor said. “Not only was Lowndes County Sheriff ‘Big John’ Williams a committed man of the law, but he was kind and loved by many.”

The Outlook believes most in law enforcement are like ‘Big John.’ They want to serve their community, make it better and safe at the same time. To do that deserves respect, understanding and decency from us. 

Let’s take Williams’ death as a moment to express appreciation for all law enforcement. It is something not done often enough.