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If we could all operate with the mindset our new area mayors have, we’d be in pretty good shape.

Tallapoosa County has four new mayors in Alexander City, Dadeville, Jacksons Gap and Camp Hill. What voters wanted in this year’s municipal elections was clear — change. And now that all mayors have nearly two weeks in office under their belts, they’re ready for the future.

The Outlook spoke to all four mayors and once again, it was a clear message — they all want progress for their respective cities/towns. 

Alexander City Mayor Woody Baird is already working on economic development in the city. He said there is a lot of interest and contact being made about businesses and industries wanting to locate in Alex City, and no matter how you cut it, that’s exactly what we all want. 

Now, there will be challenges ahead. It’s not as easy as saying you want to recruit a business then signing a dotted line — there is a lot of work involved and sometimes it results in failure. That’s OK. We’re just glad to see Baird is putting in the effort and working hard his first couple weeks in office. He’s already been vocal about issues affecting the city, including the current COVID-19 outbreak, and we appreciate his leadership thus far and hope it continues for the next four years. 

Over in Dadeville, Mayor Jimmy Frank Goodman is already sharing his vision to improve the city. It’s similar in Jacksons Gap and Camp Hill. We’ve already witnessed Camp Hill Mayor Messiah Williams-Cole instituting ‘Camp Hill Conversations’ as a way to keep residents informed on what’s going on with their local government. It’s a chance for residents to ask questions and also a way to restore transparency the town has lacked in recent years. Seeing any sort of positive, beneficial action taken so quickly is refreshing. 

Whoever winds up in the White House, at least we can all agree it’s nice to see our local mayors taking initiative and starting off on the right foot. Will it be a smooth four years? Probably not. Everything has its ups and downs, especially in a multi-million dollar municipality. But we see genuine effort right now and all we can hope is that continues as time progresses.

We all want progress for our city/town, and it’s nice to have leaders who are pushing for that.