Our view

Our View editorials are opinion pieces written by Outlook staff.

We’re lucky to live in an area that is full of arts and entertainment. Whether it’s Strand Sessions during the spring, Jazz Fest during the summer or vendor events throughout the year, there is always something to do.

But those organizations and artists need our support to stay afloat. Local arts can’t continue without patrons. If we don’t attend their concerts, plays or events, they can’t operate. Nonprofit organizations such as Alexander City Theatre II and Alex City Arts need our ticket sales and support to thrive and keep putting on shows for us to enjoy.

Alex City Arts has hosted two concerts recently and while turnout was good, it could’ve been better. Next time Alex City Arts puts on a production, make some time to go out and support the group. 

ACT II is putting on “A Christmas Carol” next week and we hope to see a crowd full of people supporting the organization. There are multiple showings (see the story on Page 1 for details) so you have several opportunities to see it.

What better way to spend your time than to be surrounded by a room full of community members and watch a play that’s sure to give you some laughs?

There are 27 actors in it and we know they’d love to see a packed house, as will all the behind-the-scene workers and those who work so hard to produce the play.

Please remember our community has fun things to do only because of those of us who continue to show up and support these organizations. They need us. As events like this continue to occur over the holiday season, show up. These groups carry on because of our attendance and patronage. And as fellow community members, we owe them that much.