Our View

Last week, when Alexander City Schools went virtual due to another rise in COVID-19 cases, several parents shared their childcare concerns with The Outlook.

Cecily Lauderdale spends two hours a day commuting back-and-forth to Montgomery where she works nights at the USPS main facility. By day, she helps her three kids at Alexander City Middle School and Radney Elementary with their virtual lessons.

Still, Lauderdale understands the need. "I mean, it's not under control yet," she said of COVID-19.

Alex City working parents are not the only ones scrambling to juggle their child's education and their employment. This week, Reeltown elementary and high schools returned to face-to-face learning after two weeks of remote. On Friday, Dadeville Elementary, Dadeville High School and Horseshoe Bend School went remote to allow time for their teachers to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

Teachers have been receiving a lot of praise lately, and rightly so, for their outstanding efforts in continuing our children's education amid the pandemic. As schools switch in and out of remote learning, however, the parents who at times may find themselves working two jobs also deserve our praise.