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Our View editorials are opinion pieces written by Outlook staff.

Sometimes our area law enforcement officers don’t get the proper appreciation they deserve. We have officers constantly running to scenes around the county on a daily basis to serve residents in one way or another, whether it be someone threatening another, a wreck that has occurred in the area or anything else under the sun that happens. 

There are investigators working countless hours on cases to try to bring criminals to justice. The point is, officers are there for whatever Tallapoosa County calls them to do, they’re incredible at their jobs and they deserve constant thanks.

Dadeville Police Department police chief David Barbour is retiring after 26-plus years at the department. While we are proud he’s heading into retirement and will enjoy every minute of it we’re sure, we hate to see him go. When a good chief like that steps down, it’s hard to replace him.

Barbour has been an asset for Dadeville and the area is lucky to have had him for so long.

Alexander City Police Department and DPD officers and Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Department officials go beyond just what’s asked of them. They do what they have to do plus a little bit extra because that’s who they are.

They care about helping people and doing everything in their might to keep the residents of the Lake Martin community safe. 

The next time you see an officer, be sure to thank them for what they do. They put their lives in danger every single day and often times their duties go thankless. 

We are lucky to have such a great law enforcement team in our community. Officers, TPI would like to take this moment to applaud you endlessly for what you do. We appreciate each of you who work with us on getting the facts for our stories so we can inform our readers on what’s going on in the area.