Our View

You may have noticed education stories this month featuring the Tallapoosa County and Alexander City boards of education members being honored. Because January is School Board Recognition Month, both school systems wanted to take some time to applaud those working on the respective school boards by giving them gifts of appreciation.

We also appreciate the hard work of both school boards and dedication to their positions.

School board members get a lot done and do it all while adjusting their schedules. Members have to attend special-called meetings sometimes as early as 7 a.m. Members have to arrange their schedules and be flexible.

Decisions on employee pay, working through contracts, fixing school instruction and determining the schools’ futures all come down to the school board. Both school systems passed capital improvement plans last fall, which include a new Benjamin Russell building, fixing the Dadeville Elementary School cafeteria, a new Reeltown Elementary School building and renovating other Alexander City facilities, which are funded by the Tallapoosa County Commission’s 1-cent sales tax bond renewal.

Choosing what to put on the plan and what to fund is a difficult decision, but the boards made their decisions for the betterment of the schools and students.

Alexander City school board president Denise Bates said she does the job because she loves the students and the schools. We believe all board members echo that statement

The students are the boards’ priorities and they care for them and we’re glad to see that passion.