Our View

It shouldn’t take more teeth in a law to try to persuade people to stop littering, but hopefully it will work as new provisions were recently added to Alabama’s littering law.

Why do people litter? 

It is something Lake Martin Resource Association’s John Thompson is passionate about stopping and he is happy to see the heavier penalty for those who litter.

“We have always had an anti-littering law,” Thompson said. “It has always been on the books. There was just not much penalty with it so it never got any attention.”

The new provisions in the anti-litter bill were passed late in the legislative session and make criminal littering a Class B misdemeanor rather than a Class C, doubles the fine to $500 for the first offense and increases subsequent fines up to $3,000 or 100 hours of community service.

Littering can leave the streets looking trashy and unappealing, and it is sad it takes a stiffer penalty to try and stop the problem.

Littering is an issue that’s easy to solve but it’s up to us. It’s something all of us can contribute to. 

If you’re guilty of littering, just make a decision to stop. Stop throwing things out the window when you’re driving down the highway. Don’t throw trash away on our beautiful Lake Martin shoreline and waters. If you don’t see a trash can nearby, don’t just throw it on the ground, save it for when you do find a place to dispose of it.

It’s just a matter of putting a stop to the litter. If you’re contributing to the issue, contribute to the solution instead. One person who stops littering is that much less trash on our roadways and our lake. 

If you’re not one who litters, we applaud you for that but are you picking it up when you see it? If not, start doing so. A few helping hands can make a huge difference.