Our View

Many of us are waking up today wondering if our significant other liked what we did for them or got them for Valentine’s Day.

If we did something special, more than likely they were happy, but what makes a Valentine’s Day gift special?


Listening is something most everyone complains someone else is not doing, but have we looked to ourselves?

We all have two ears and one mouth so listening should come natural to us.

More often than not, we are failing at listening. We hear a few sentences and believe we have heard the story before.

Take a look at Valentine’s Day. If we are listening to our significant other, every day is Valentine’s Day. We know what our mate likes and dislikes. Listening should make it easier to make every day Valentine’s Day.

We are not talking about going to a five-star restaurant every night. It doesn’t take much to make every day Valentine’s Day if we are listening.

Leave a sticky note hidden in a wallet or purse with the random quote you both laughed at last week, or send the random text about the movie from last night. Show up at your significant other’s place of work bringing a picnic lunch accompanied by his or her favorite dessert.

Doing small things all the time shows you care. Doing small things your significant appreciates  is better. It’s the thought that matters and it starts with listening. 

Listening works well with co-workers, friends and strangers.

Listening to the entire story lets us into their world. Listening helps us better understand someone’s viewpoint.

Listening and respect for others’ opinions needs to get back to the top of everyone’s priority list.