Our View

We’re nearly through an entire year that has been challenging for us all, but there are silver linings.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first became prevalent in our community, we faced a lot of unknowns. We weren’t sure how to operate our businesses; some businesses weren’t even allowed to operate. It wasn’t clear when things would open again or when things would become “normal” again.

We made it through summer but then as the school year approached, we wondered what it would look like or if it would even be possible for students and faculty to enter classrooms again. Once it was announced our local schools would return to physical campuses, many of us thought surely the schools would be forced to shut down yet again due to COVID-19.

That wasn’t the case, as our schools have been able to maintain operations with smooth systems and strict protocols.

We want to applaud our local school systems in all their efforts to keep students and faculty safe. It’s been a tough year, no doubt, but there are bright spots.Schools are cleaner than they’ve ever been with high health scores; less students and faculty are getting sick with the common cold; and security is even better now than ever at local schools.

More and more people are shopping local because patrons know how important it is support small businesses while they still can and to help keep them afloat.

We appreciate the little things a whole lot more, especially quality time with those we love. We miss the things we can’t do, like a simple handshake, but cherish the things we can do, like hop on a FaceTime call with our loved ones.

Those are just a few of the silver linings that have occurred due to the pandemic. It’s safe to say the world around us is still far from normal, but we have come a long way. We’ve all learned to cope one way or another amid unforeseen times and for that, each and every one of us deserves a pat on the back.