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Our View editorials are opinion pieces written by Outlook staff.

A Tuesday fire in Alexander City shows we have the best first responders.

Within moments of a call of smoke in a duplex on Pearl Drive, the Alexander City Fire Department was there putting out the blaze before more damage could be done. If a few minutes went by, two families would have likely lost their homes.

The Alexander City Police Department and Alexander City Light and Power responded to help as well.

Although it hasn’t gone away, crime in Alexander City and Tallapoosa County is down. It is not to say we haven’t seen a murder, drug arrests or some property crime but the fact is numbers are down. 

Why we might ask?

If you have noticed more traffic stops are being made by area law enforcement. Those stops are inconvenient to some because it slows them down or forces a fine to be paid making the roads safer for all of us. Those stops also put criminals on notice law enforcement is on the lookout. Those traffic stops serve as a deterrent to crimes. 

It is interesting to note public safety costs money. While law enforcement is able to recoup some costs via fines and the fire department is able to collect some monies from its ambulance service, it still doesn’t come close to covering the bill of making us safe.

There might be discussions on how to better fund public safety in the future. Yes it will cost taxpayers money. But what would you rather have a few extra dollars in the pocket or the constant worry your house might burn to the ground or a criminal breaking in the door of your home?