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Some people may think scavenger hunts are for children. It’s almost like hide and go seek — a child’s game. But we here at The Outlook are young at heart.

One of our favorite parts of Alexander City’s annual Sun Festival is the Medallion Hunt, this year sponsored by Wind Creek Casino & Hotel. It’s a great way for the entire community to get involved in something. It’s a free event and everyone gets a chance to win.

Almost everyone, that is. At The Outlook, we are provided with the clue the night before so we can publish it for our readers. That disqualifies any of us from medallion hunting, but we as a staff still have a great time trying to decipher the clue and see if we end up being right.

It’s always fun to see people out hunting, especially on the days when the clues are super hard and there are hordes of people throughout Alex City searching for hours on end.

This is something we highly encourage you to get involved in. The clue will be on our Facebook page every day, and we can’t wait to see your smiling faces when you walk through our doors to claim your prize.

We also have a little something extra for the hunt this year, as one of our own will go undercover with Alex City Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Ed Collari as he hides the medallion. We’ll show you some of the behind-the-scenes work put into writing each clue and stashing it in the cover of night.

This is just one of many events we’re looking forward to during Sun Festival, but it’s one that makes us feel like children again.

Happy hunting!