Our View

Drug addiction and the issues associated with the use of illegal drugs is not breaking news.

For generations, people have fallen into the trap of powerful chemical combinations that alter the mind and body of those who take them. To combat the problem of drug addiction, we’ve had campaigns, catchy slogans, new laws passed and even a war.

Remember Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No,” and Richard Nixon’s “War on Drugs?” The battle has been going on for a long time.

The Outlook publishes stories about arrests, busts and all the ways law enforcement is working to thwart the supply of illegal drugs reaching the hands of would-be users.

Addiction to heroin may begin with prescription painkillers and when the stream of prescribed opiates ends, users turn to heroin to match that high.

While opiates are making headlines, and pot and meth will always be problems in our area, prescription drug abuse is becoming far more common than heroin here in the Tallapoosa County area.

It’s rare to hear of a drug bust that doesn’t include illegal use and sale of prescription drugs.

More and more, people are being arrested with illegal prescription drugs. Burglars are targeting those drugs in break-ins. 

We ask that you do your part to curb illegal drugs by securing your prescription drugs. If they are not needed, turn them in at an event like Drug Take-Back Day or use some of the new collection boxes law enforcement has now set up in our area. 

If you suspect any kind of illegal drug activity in your area, alert law enforcement. Often a tip leads to bigger arrests. Officials say if we are all aware of the problem, we can help fight it together.