Our View

The internet has a lot of power and incredible uses. It makes a lot of things easier. 

The options are limitless.

The majority of us use the internet for general, daily inquiries, information and connections. We own multiple devices that give us instant access to the web from the palm of our hand.

The information superhighway allows us to go places we have never gone before with the click of a mouse and do things that we never thought we would be able to do.

While that sounds like a great thing, the other side of that sword has a pretty sharp edge as well.

Regardless of how private your internet use may seem, every keystroke and click leaves a digital footprint that can be seen by others.

Instead of opening the window for opportunity, too often it is used as an open door for predators and deviants looking for unsuspecting targets to exploit. 

Instead of using the information highway as a tool to enlighten ourselves and others, some use the web to bully others. We read ugly comments all the time and sometimes we wish folks would just think first.

So as you sit at the keyboard or put your thumb on the send button of your iPhone, count to 10. Is it worth it? Are you proud of what you’re saying?

If the answer is no, then hit delete instead of send. You will thank yourself later.

Additionally, it’s crucial to monitor your child’s activity online. They are prime targets and we can’t let predators get away with that. We have to do our parts as parents and do everything we can to protect our children before it’s too late.

The internet is great but it comes with a price and we have to do what we can to cut the costs.