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While people may disagree on taxes, everyone wants their tax dollars to be spent well.

The Tallapoosa County 1-cent sales tax is back up for vote in the county commission in August.

It’s important to know what taxes are going to fund. Tallapoosa County Commission chair T.C. Coley said projects to be funded include capital projects from both the Tallapoosa County and Alexander City school boards. Coley said the cost would potentially be $72 million. 

The Tallapoosa County Board of Education signed a letter Monday stating its top priorities for projects to be funded by the tax, which totaled $29, 830,327.

“If a long-term partnership is approved, Tallapoosa County Board of Education is prepared to embark on the largest capital investment in the history of Tallapoosa County education and I think that’s exciting,” superintendent Joe Windle said.

Everyone has an opinion on taxes. We at The Outlook know this from the comments on our stories about tax-funded projects.

That’s why it’s important if you feel strongly about Tallapoosa County’s 1-cent sales tax to contact the county commission before it votes on it at August’s meeting. 

Coley encouraged the other commissioners Monday to ask constituents to talk to members of both school boards for what they want them to do with funding. Even with an approaching deadline, there’s still time to contact the commission or school board members. 

We hope the county commission and school boards listen to their constituents and make the best decision for Tallapoosa County.