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Monday marks Memorial Day, the day to remember our veterans who have fallen in battle and while serving our country throughout history. For many, it’s a day off from work and the start of the summer but we should remember it as so much more.

While you may be ecstatic to take advantage of the three-day weekend as the state further loosens coronavirus restrictions, it’s important we all take this time to reflect in honor of veterans who died in combat.

It’s easy to take things for granted and the many freedoms we have as Americans. Now more than ever amid this global pandemic, we’re learning to appreciate the simplest things in life.

So when you’re at the lake, beach or a cookout — hopefully socially distancing from all — take a moment to think about those who died so we can enjoy those freedoms. 

No matter the conflicts throughout history, veterans fought because they saw it as their duty. Veterans did not join wars to die but they knew it was a possibility when they went into combat and pressed on.

Now, because they paid the ultimate price, it’s our duty to honor them. 

This weekend is about far more than a party or fun time; take time to recognize what Monday truly means.

Additionally, be smart and safe on the roads and water.

Follow the rules. Don’t operate a boat or vehicle if you’ve been drinking and designate a designated driver before the weekend fun begins. Wear your life jacket and have them readily available at all times. Make sure your boat lights and everything else is working properly. 

Above all, be aware of yourself and others around you. Be extremely mindful and careful to prevent accidents.