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With revitalization happening across the area, we believe Dadeville deserves a makeover. Dadeville citizens recently told the Dadeville City Council they were applying for the town to get featured on Home and Garden Television’s “Home Town Takeover.”

The new television show will star Ben and Erin Napier, who will help renovate cities and towns with populations of less than 40,000 people. The show is searching for homes with great architecture and “a main street that needs a facelift.”

City residents, the Dadeville Beautification Board and Lake Martin Dadeville Area Chamber of Commerce teamed up to send in a video application showcasing the city by showing a Dadeville Elementary School pep rally and Mayor Wayne Smith walking around open businesses and talking to owners. 

Dadeville deserves to get picked for “Home Town Takeover.” 

The city is doing its best with the courthouse square project, which is adding new sidewalks, lighting and landscaping in the corners. But the city can’t pay for everything. 

The citizens are doing their best to make the place nice, such as Rick and Mitzy Hidding opening Zazu’s Verandah on the courthouse square, but the city should get some extra help. A few citizens can’t fix the whole town alone.  

Even if the city doesn’t get picked, it never hurts applying. April Holdridge said the town will use the video for promotion if it doesn’t get picked.

Regardless if the show gets picked, we’re proud of the city leaders for applying. We hope this gets Dadeville some traction.