Law enforcement officers can only be effective when they get good information.

In the last week, police responded to a call of shots fired on Thomas Drive. Police officers found where rounds struck an apartment there but they couldn’t get any more information. When officeres asked for help in getting descriptions, they were met with answers such as, “I didn’t see anything” or “I don’t know anything.”

We call for help and police officers respond but if no one helps them, they cannot help us.They depend on us to provide information to help find the culprits. Their work is only as good as the information they receive from us. From there they can compare stories and with the help of the district attorney’s office prosecute crimes, but it starts with us.

We cannot blame the police for not solving crimes when we refuse to give them vital information hoping someone else will.

So when police respond to an incident you have seen, don’t play dumb. Speak to them. The information you give them could be what solves the crime.