Our View

Lake Martin is arguably one of the best places to spend July 4, although we may be a bit biased. But when you’ve seen how our area can put on a show for the holiday, it’s hard to disagree with that sentiment. 

From the concert and fireworks show during Celebrate Freedom on Wednesday to the boat parade Thursday morning to topping the holiday off with a huge fireworks show over the waters of Lake Martin at The AMP that night, there are some amazing sights to see.

While it’s a whole lot of fun, there are dangers involved. Holidays mean celebrating and for some that means alcohol. It also means more cars traveling on the road and more boats on the lake, which increases the likelihood for accidents and potential for injuries or, worse, lives lost.

If you are going to include alcohol in your festivities this week, be smart. Don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking and don’t let anyone around you drive if they have been drinking. Plan ahead and make sure you’re going to have a designated driver or a place to stay the night so you aren’t endangering yourself or the lives of others on the road. Death is not worth taking the risk.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and other area law enforcement will be stepping up patrols this week for the holiday. Be sure you are attentive, following the speed limit and not driving under the influence when you’re driving. Not following these simple guidelines is a recipe for disaster on the roads. It’s not something you should put yourself or others at risk for. 

Even if you take all the precautions and follow the rules, there’s still potential for wrecks during the holiday week. Pay very close attention when you’re driving and help be a watchdog if you’re a passenger. 

If you’re boating on the lake, all of the same rules apply. 

We must be careful to protect ourselves and each other. Have a blast on the Fourth of July but be safe doing it. As they always say, it’s always more fun when everyone arrives alive.