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Phones in Alexander City went off to texts, calls and emails saying a tornado watch was issued for Tallapoosa County at 12:43 p.m. Saturday. That was through Tallapoosa Alert, which sends messages via email, text and phone calls. Residents probably got additional alerts through radio, television and social media.

Now that the storm is over we have time to sit and think about what happened. A lot of trees fell onto houses and cars in the area and power lines went down but no one was hurt. We are thankful no injuries or deaths were reported in Tallapoosa County. 

In fact, it’s a pleasant surprise to hear more than 200 people signed up for Tallapoosa Alert before Saturday, according to Tallapoosa County EMA director Jason Moran. The system alerts by your residence and not the whole county so it’s more accurate. 

The county doesn’t use weather sirens anymore so think of Tallapoosa Alert as a personalized weather siren. 

“That’s really good that citizens are being proactive in that respect,” Moran said. “I think the severity and the notification everyone was given prior to the event five or six days out (caused the sign-ups).”

We can give out safety tips all day long but it’s not helpful until someone uses them. For those who haven’t signed up for Tallapoosa Alert yet, it’s free and easy. 

We highly encourage everybody who hasn’t signed up to do so now before another storm comes through. You can sign up by calling 256-825-1601 or going to www.tallaco.com and clicking EMA under the “Departments” tab.

We’re glad to see more people turning to the system and hope the number continues to grow.