Our View

There’s always different ways to improve education and there are a few good ideas for Alexander City Schools.

Alexander City Chamber of Commerce’s State of Education was held last Thursday and the city school system and Central Alabama Community College gave presentations. This event gives a way to shine a spotlight on what the schools are doing right and improving on in education. 

The most eye-opening thing stated at the event was when Alexander City Schools superintendent Dr. Keith Lankford summed up the school’s education as average.

Lankford and deputy superintendent Dr. Beverly Price told the audience ways to improve education in the school system including professional development for teachers, implementing a professional leadership academy for teachers and starting summer school for students who are behind reading levels. 

“I am above average,” Lankford said. “Our students deserve more than average.”

Lankford is right — our students deserve a better education system and we should expect more from our schools.

We need to emphasize education with our students and families. 

Alabama ranked 46 out of 51 states, including Washington D.C., for public schools according to a WalletHub study from June 29. It also ranked 48 in math test scores.

It can be disheartening to hear our city schools’ education described as average like Lankford did, yet it’s good to see someone recognizing a community problem and try to find ways to improve education. 

Education isn’t a quick fix but we hope some of the ways mentioned at the State of Education will come to fruition and improvements will be seen.