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If you’ve been in downtown Alexander City lately, you may notice people going in and out of the empty Carlisle’s building along with pallets left outside the building. 

Last week, Carlisle’s building co-owners Larkin Radney and Kenny Riley announced they are reopening the soda fountain and running it themselves. Radney said he is unsure of when it will exactly open but should be soon.

Half Moon Market & Interiors will sell items in the retail space of the store. 

Former owners Lisa and Daniel Champion closed Carlisle’s on March 31. Radney had previously said he and Riley were looking for someone else to take over the soda fountain.

Radney said the store is undergoing renovations such as flooring and will have some new menu items but will still be the same Carlisle’s people enjoy. We are excited for it to open and to see what changes have been made.

Carlisle’s is a great business and is unique to Alexander City. 

“We think it’s a great opportunity and it will also continue a tradition downtown,” Radney said. “It’s been there since 1914 so we’re extremely excited to be able to do this and look forward to doing it. It’s going to be fun and I hope it’s going to be good.”

Reopening Carlisle’s gives more dining options in downtown and more foot traffic for the area. 

It’s encouraging to see progress on reopening Carlisle’s and the soda fountain is being preserved.