Our View

It’s always good to know people are willing to help even in small ways. 

Smile-A-Mile’s Jr./Sr. camp met last week at Children’s Harbor at Lake Martin. The camp is for junior and senior high school students who are childhood cancer survivors. 

Local bakery Sweet Gaga’s made the campers’ experience sweeter Friday by giving them cupcakes and helping them decorating.

The bakery closed shop early and provided cupcakes and taught the campers how to frost them, giving them decorations to make unicorn cupcakes and cupcakes with fondant superhero logos. The bakery was reached by Smile-A-Mile to participate and gladly accepted the job.

“Of course it’s an honor just reading about Smile-A-Mile and what they stand for,” co-owner Brittni Moran said.

Service is service and teaching these campers to decorate and have fun could have made their day. This is a kind deed that goes far.

“(The camp) is important because it allows the kids to have opportunities that they don’t do at home but also allows organizations like Sweet Gaga’s opportunities to give back and share with others their talents and abilities that they have,” child life specialist Madison McDowell said.

McDowell is right. Everyone has something to contribute even in the smallest of ways. Sweet Gaga’s deed is just another example of the generous people we have living in the Lake Martin area.

We hope the campers enjoyed their cupcakes. The bakers spent time on details for the children to have a good experience.

We applaud Sweet Gaga’s for giving its time to help the campers and hope other local businesses see the bakery as an example and consider giving back their talents meaningfully as well.