Our View

All of us have something we are passionate about, but have you taken action?

Mia Chandler is a big animal lover and does what she can at the Lake Martin Animal Shelter to make sure animals in the area are taken care of.

Lake Martin Resource Association’s John Thompson wants to see the area kept clean. 

Sharon Fuller of the Lake Martin Area United Way wants to help the nonprofits in the area. 

Just look any given day and you will see them supporting their causes.

But what is so special about them?

Chandler was forced to make some tough decisions in a recent animal cruelty case but understands the animals are better off. 

Thompson would like to pick up every piece of litter but believes education about the damages of litter is just as important as picking it up.

While yes they and many others support their causes with money when they can, they also are advocates for things they are passionate about.

We are all passionate about something and often complain when something is not done to protect the things we believe in.

But what have we done to support causes we care so much about? 

Have we called our councilmember to make sure sidewalks are installed? Have we educated our children about the importance of treating others like we want to be treated? 

Have you done something to help with child hunger like Jamie Dark?

We don’t have to have money to support a cause, we have to have the drive to ask others to join us in our cause.