Our View

Welding, nursing, auto mechanics, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and masonry are just a few of the trades out there but look around Tallapoosa County. How many jobs are currently available in those ranks that pay well for the area? Ask around and those already working in those fields make good money for the Lake Martin area. As an added bonus, most did not acquire thousands upon thousands in debt for education.

What’s better is you do not have to leave the area to obtain certificates to get jobs. In some cases, training is available right here in Alexander City at Central Alabama Community College. For others who are highly motivated, some employers will take you on as an apprentice.

The work performed by these tradespeople are in demand.

Home construction around the lake is taking off, nursing jobs are always being advertised and we all are trying to get several thousand more miles out of our cars.

So when we are asked for advice by someone on what career is a good fit, don’t forget about the trades. Better yet don’t discount the trades or the fact they do not require four-year degrees in most cases. People who work in trades can be just as brilliant as those in traditional jobs with four-year degrees.