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Wednesday evening an Alexander City family was intruded upon when an unfamiliar neighbor entered their home with a knife.

The family was getting ready to have a fun, evening swim when the knife-wielding neighbor arrived. 

“He opened the front door holding a knife as my husband stood there,” homeowner Rhonda Green-Rape said. “He told my husband to call 911 because someone was trying to kill him.”

Alexander City Police Department officers responded to the scene where they concluded the man was mentally ill and didn’t intend to harm the family. He was cooperative with police and no one was hurt.

Although the situation ended with everyone safe, we can’t help but think about what could’ve happened.

“My 6-year-old grandchild was just steps away,” Rape said. “He had the means to harm any of us. I normally keep the doors locked when it’s just me and the grandkids but when your home is full and everyone is coming and going, the door was not locked. I will make sure it is always locked now.”

It’s important to take safety measures to ensure your family is safe from intruders and, unlike Wednesday’s episode, those with intent to hurt you. Lock your doors, install security cameras if you can and be prepared if something bad were to happen. 

Make sure your kids know to lock the doors and never leave young children home alone. 

While Wednesday’s incident didn’t hurt anyone, it was still a scary experience for the local family and it serves as a wake-up call to others to be cautious, even in their own homes.