Our View

The Dadeville Police Department recently issued nine citations for failure to vaccinate animals against rabies and the five animal owners were in court this week.

If you are a pet owner, vaccinating your animals is required. It is not an option. It is something legally all pet owners must do. 

Dadeville Capt. Chris Martin said failure to vaccinate a dog, cat or ferret is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $500. In the nine citations tried this week in Dadeville Municipal Court, a fine of $100 each was issued but with court costs the total to be paid by the five defendants for the nine citations is more than $2,900.

Martin said he took an average price of rabies vaccinations at area vet clinics and figured it would have cost about $200 to vaccinate the nine animals owners were cited for.

It’s not expensive to vaccinate but the consequence of not vaccinating your pets is.

Not vaccinating your pets is something that could wind up on your criminal record, plus it puts your animals and others and their animals at risk as well. 

“By law, dogs, cats and ferrets have to be vaccinated every year after they are three months of age,” said Dr. John Caldwell, who is a vet at Dadeville Animal Care Center. “There are some three-year vaccinations and those meet the requirement too.”

We encourage all pet owners to step up, take responsibility and do the right thing by vaccinating their pets. This can take care of many issues and prevent other issues from happening. 

If you are going to own pets, it’s important to be responsible and take care of them properly.