Our View

Last week,Stephens Elementary School teacher Abby Alexander was honored for being the first to complete the school bus challenge, where she rode all of the city school bus routes.

She was given $1,000 for being the first teacher in the city school system to complete it this year.

To do the challenge, Alexander woke up everyday at 4 a.m. to get to the school bus shop by 5 a.m. After riding the routes, she finished preparing for the next school day by 7 p.m.

Alexander recommends all teachers ride the routes and we agree. Every teacher should do the school bus challenge. 

It’s not easy, but when has being a teacher ever been easy?

Teachers already go above and beyond for students, but this challenge goes a little deeper. Students and teachers merely know each other from the classroom. Doing the challenge lets teachers see where these young children are coming from. Some were probably running late. Some were probably super early and anxious to make it to the bus. Some live in trailers and others in a nice house on a lake.

Teachers barely get a glimpse of students’ home lives. The bus challenge helped Alexander understand her students and serve them better.

In addition to learning about students, it’s a good chance to learn about what bus drivers go through. They wake up early and are the first to greet children in the morning. 

Bus drivers work part time and most of them have second jobs or this is their second career. Learning what the bus drivers go through also gives better understanding what teachers are a part of. 

Doing the challenge is not easy but is rewarding nonetheless.