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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

Many have yet to figure out what to do for their significant other. Many will try to spend their way to redemption with their significant other but there are better alternatives.

Spending money might be easy, but what’s the point?

While it’s nice, a dinner out is as simple as making a reservation and swiping a card. Make it special. Why not plan ahead and get the waiter to bring a card or special treat to the table with a special message signed by you.

If your significant other has a favorite book, try to locate a first edition. It might be a little pricey but shows you pay attention to your loved one’s likes and interests.

All the special ladies appreciate flowers and so do florists. There is a way to make flowers even more special. Guys, if your lady likes rustic don’t discount the mason jar. Take a little burlap for a bow and add flowers.

Don’t forget arts and crafts for cards.

Many of us have scrap paper. Why not find a newspaper for a special date in your relationship? Take it and configure it to create the cover of a card. Take a blank piece of paper to go inside and create a special message. While it will take time, it will be worth far more than the few dollars for the store-bought cards and will survive in the trinket box for decades.

There are numerous more ways to create thoughtful gifts for loved ones. Some might be simple and others more elaborate but putting thought and effort is the point.