Our View

Most of us know our grandparents didn’t panic.

It was bred into some of them after living through two world wars with the Great Depression sandwiched in between. Some grandparents even experienced the Spanish Flu of 1918. 

Maybe it was all that trial and tribulation that led to the older generation having a lack of worry when their children and grandchildren stumbled. They knew they would overcome — just like they did.

It also contributed to the stories those older folks now tell.

This year’s graduation class is special. 

In the years and decades to come just imagine the stories these seniors can tell. Most took their first breaths in this world on the heels of 9/11. Now they are being set free from high school amongst a pandemic that almost canceled graduation. They can even add The Great Recession, tornadoes and more in between to the story of their lives so far.

While many of us have experienced the same events, we haven’t seen them through the eyes of children about to venture into the world. Hopefully graduates have taken notice of the community’s many acts of kindness and the atrocities of few and will learn from both.

While no one knows what the outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic will be, this year’s graduating classes will no doubt use the information learned in the last couple of months for decades to come.

The Outlook wants to congratulate all graduating classes on their accomplishments thus far and successes yet to come.