Our View

Alexander City officials and residents reeled Monday after Mayor Jim Nabors suddenly died after emergency surgery to remove an intestinal blockage.

The city is in shock and should be because Nabors cannot be replaced. Fortunately, officials have embraced his leadership and initiatives and Nabors’ actions should bear fruit long after he is laid to rest.

The 76-year-old mayor had health issues throughout his term of office which was far too short and marked by many achievements.

He got a rental ordinance passed to make landlords more accountable for the living conditions of their tenants. He worked tirelessly to get a new municipal complex so all city operations could be consolidated. He pushed to clean up the former Russell Corp. campus and worked behind the scenes to bring businesses and jobs to Alexander City. He got the city’s finances organized and audits done.

Those who knew him offered testimonials Monday to his character, vision and integrity. Many held back tears or cried freely when talking about him.

Nabors’ tenure as mayor was the last act in a lifetime of service and he did more in retirement than many people do in a career. The number of lives he touched is incalculable.

Nabors deserves the gratitude of the city he strove to lift out of the doldrums of the Russell Corp. collapse and city leaders have indicated they will carry on his policies.

We believe one of the first things the city council should do after Nabors’ passing is name the new municipal complex the Jim Nabors Memorial Municipal Complex. It will become an everlasting tribute to his vision and an inspiration to those who will serve in it in the future.