We could all take a page out of registered nurse Erin Dean’s playbook. Despite multiple diagnoses of cancer, working a full-time job, raising three children and being a full-time student at UAB, Dean does not give up.

Her friends had to insist upon letting them help her raise some donations to cover the cost of her out-of-pocket medical expenses, which pile up very quickly when battling cancer treatments.

The Outlook wants to personally commend this woman for her courage, dedication to life and will to stay positive.

People often say, “Be nice; you never know the battle someone else is facing.” This could not ring more true. Dean is like many other around us; she is facing more than her fair share of struggles but you wouldn’t know it. Her motto is to continue living and loving and she said she is simply bringing cancer along for the ride.

As we face struggles and misfortunes throughout life, let us try to remember the positive things. Let’s be grateful for the friends and family who support us and remember to embrace the uncertainties of life.

In a world full of anger, The Outlook urges everyone to choose kindness. You never know the struggles others have be up against.

Also, remember it is OK to ask for help. We can’t do everything alone, which is what our support systems are for — whoever they may be to you. There is no shame in accepting a lending hand to relieve some form of burden. It doesn’t mean you’re not a fighter; it just means you’re human.