Dear Editor,

The hypocrisy over illegal immigration from Washington Democrats is on full display. In America, our borders have to be controlled. We are a sovereign nation and should act like it.

We generously give to other countries to help their standard of living. We have our own poor struggling to find a better life and we must come first. Even President Barack Obama’s DHS secretary is saying more than 1,000 illegals a day is a crisis and is creating chaos.

In 2014, (Sen.) Chuck Schumer wanted a pause in refugees until better vetting. In 1993, (Sen.) Harry Reid said, “Our wallet is stretched to the limit meeting the needs of illegals and this has to stop.” In 1994 Reid wanted to reduce annual admission of legal immigrants in order to provide for a better standard of living for our own citizens. In 2006, Reid changed his mind now welcoming all illegals and calling “English only” racist. (Rep.) Nancy Pelosi said illegal children are all our children and deserve what our children have.

Really? Did she mean living in violent neighborhoods, failing schools, poverty and homelessness? Liberals now believe stopping illegals is racist and walls are immoral. In 2014, Obama placed 60,000 children in government-constructed shelters that were overflowing, then they had to erect tent cities for them. On June 30, 2014, Obama declared intent to seek emergency funding for an aggressive deterrence strategy focused on removal and repatriation at border crossings. On July 8, 2014, he requested $3.7 billion and in January 2015 wanted another $1 billion. In February 2015 he requested more than $2 billion for ICE and DHS salaries and detention centers.

In 2010 Obama’s ATEP (Alien Transfer Exit Program) stated it was unclear how many children were separated from parents. This program was considered cruel and an inhumane violation of human rights. Very often family members were sent far from each other and had to go to the Mexican consulate to try and find each other.

So to the left-wing media and Washington, spare us the fake outrage for how President Donald Trump is handling this border crisis. You had your chance and you failed us and now the world must realize our citizens must come first.

Finally, millions of Americans struggle daily for the chance at a better life for themselves and their children. President Trump is fighting every day for we the people even though Washington Democrats try to stop him. We cannot take care of the world; our citizens must come first. The best is yet to come. Stop the hate and let’s work together with President Trump. God bless America.

Annette Lynch

Alexander City