Letter to the editor

The Alabama Department of Transportation has recently unveiled Project ST-019-038-002, U.S. 280 Access Management to the public for review and comment. Generally, this project would require a “right turn in–right turn out” traffic pattern for intersections in the project area that do not currently have a traffic signal in place. This proposal is necessitated by the recent increase in traffic along U.S. 280 and the exponential increase in high speed traffic accidents that have come with it.

For the safety of the citizens of Alexander City and our welcomed guests who are traveling through, this project has the city’s wholehearted support with two suggestions for change. These suggestions were recently passed unanimously in a resolution by the Alexander City City Council as follows:

1. STA-215 (Winn-Dixie Intersection): Install a signal light due to potential development and safety of our citizens where there have been multiple wrecks

2. STA-390-395 (Coven Abbett & Coley Creek): Install a signal light due to future development and current traffic flow

The city has sent a copy of this request for changes to Gov. Kay Ivey, our legislative delegation, ALDOT director John Cooper and others to insure the voice of Alexander City is taken into account. As such, I hereby ask the citizens of Alexander City to join myself, the city council, my staff and the business leaders of Alexander City in expressing our desire to ALDOT for this important project to move forward with the inclusion of our proposed changes.


Mayor Woody Baird

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