Our View

In the wake of Alexander City Mayor Jim Nabors’ death one would think change is inevitable.

But is it?

Former council president Tommy Spraggins, who has been elevated as the new mayor, said he will be more hands on than Nabors but pledged to continue his predecessor’s policies as he serves out the rest of Nabors’ term, which ends in October 2020. However, Spraggins has said he is unsure if he will run for a four-year term of his own. If he doesn’t, it’s likely a relatively large field will run for the city’s top job. 

The council will also likely appoint a successor to Spraggins on the council instead of opting for a special election and it is our hope the council selects someone who will help maintain the good chemistry and working relationships the members currently enjoy.

Nabors and the current council have done much to repair Alex City’s tattered image and put the city on much better financial footing. Morale among city employees has improved dramatically, the former Russell Corp. campus has been cleaned up, and movers and shakers are working on economic development projects that could bear tremendous fruit.

Nabors reorganized a lot of the internal municipal machinery and instilled badly needed confidence within city government. 

Alexander City is fortunate to have competent leaders and while Nabors’ loss will be profoundly felt, there is no reason the city cannot continue on its trajectory of progress. Those leaders and the citizens owe him that much.