We are at the halfway mark of the college football season, so what better time to re-evaluate my preseason prognostications?

SEC Offensive Player of the Year

My initial pick was Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa and his season to date has done nothing to make me change my mind. He is on pace to destroy practically every single ’Bama quarterbacking record.

LSU’s Joe Burrow has made this race interesting, I must say, but it’ll be tough for him to keep his incredible stats up all season.

SEC Defensive Player of the Year

LSU’s defensive back Grant Delpit was the choice, but Auburn’s Derrick Brown has clearly been the best player on any defense this year. I will go so far as to proclaim without Brown, AU would not have beaten Oregon or Texas A&M. He’s that impactful.

Remember this: On LaMichael Perine’s 88-yard touchdown run last Saturday for Florida, guess who was not on the field? If you guessed anyone but Brown, you lose. Offensive linemen would rather be forced to use the Porta Potty on the fourth day of the Burrito Festival than line up against Brown.

SEC Freshman of the Year

Bo Nix was clearly the leader after five games. Not because of his (rather pedestrian) stats, but because he had AU undefeated. Then… The Florida game happened.

I still believe Nix will be a star at some point, but not the SEC Freshman of the Year is Derek Stingley from LSU. In fact, the cornerback may just be the national freshman of the year when the season is over.

SEC Champ

I predicted Alabama to win the league crown again, but Georgia is giving me pause. The law of averages says the Dawgs are going to beat ’Bama at some point; why not this December?

That said, I am going to stay with the Tide to win the SEC one more time.

Playoff Final Four

I had selected ’Bama, Clemson, Michigan and Oklahoma in August. Alabama and Oklahoma are still good bets to be a part of the playoff so they stay put.

Obviously, the Wolverines aren’t making my list now, though. Jim Harbaugh’s offense is so anemic it makes Gene Stallings’ offenses look like the Fun-N-Gun. Clemson isn’t exactly using the momentum of last season’s title, either, but given its easy slate, I will keep the Tigers in the fold.

So, I will swap Michigan out for…. Ohio State. The Buckeyes have arguably been the nation’s top team and it’s hard to bet against them right now.

Let’s see if six weeks of experience makes me any better at making these picks.broadcaster and Sportz Blitz team member.

Luke Robinson is a regular columnist, contributor to BMetro, AHSAA Radio Network Broadcaster and Sportzblitz Team Member.