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Our View editorials are opinion pieces written by Outlook staff.

We have all seen products like toilet paper, hand sanitizer and even eggs flying off store shelves in the last 10 days.

We have seen fragile seniors pushed aside so someone can acquire another package of toilet paper to add to their already eight-month supply. But why?

The run on goods causes issues in the supply chain. Remember the discussions of supply and demand in school? As demand goes up, so do prices because the supply chain has to put in extra effort to keep up. The costs get passed on to the consumer.

Factories are still producing paper. Truckers are still moving inventory. 

Are we afraid? Yes, but it shouldn’t be to the point we forget we are all neighbors. Many of our friends and neighbors have seen hours cut at work if not eliminated all together. The recovery will be long term. 

We will have to depend on each other to get through it. The Outlook is extremely pleased to see retail outlets establish hours just for seniors or those who are immuno-suppressed. Those outlets should be commended for letting those who need the ability to slow down and not be forced to expose themselves to the madness.

To get through this, it will be neighbor helping neighbor. The Outlook believes the only way to get to the other side of this issue is working together.