Gerald Hallmark

Men and women are different. Now, I know that is not an original statement, but it is true. The older I get the more I can tell the difference in the way we think, act and perceive things. I guess it’s what the medical people refer to as the left side of the brain versus the right side. Of course, my wife thinks I don’t use either side, but that’s a different story.

You know what got me to thinking about this revolutionary concept? Of all places it was on the highway. I was driving along trying to mentally answer the trivial questions on a radio program. After all, it is important if Aunt Bea’s pickles won a ribbon at the county fair. Forget all this impeachment business, there are more important things in life.

Anyway, I’m driving along when this sports utility vehicle comes blowing by. I thought it must have been an emergency it went by so fast. There was a lady driving and was she ever busy. She had a cell phone between her shoulder and ear and talking as fast as she was driving. With one hand she had hold of the steering wheel and with the other she was adjusting the rearview mirror to put on her makeup. 

To add to this balancing act, she had a baby in a car seat in the back who she smiled at, reached over and patted as she inserted a bottle in his or her mouth, and all the while she never lost her lipstick. Oh, it gets better because there was a young child strapped in the front seat reading to her from his schoolbook. As she pulled her hand from the back seat she pointed to a word he had undoubtedly mispronounced, kept her hand in motion until she started applying lipstick again, and all the while talking on the cell phone!

I bet her husband got up, showered, dressed and hurried out the door to work. In a matter of an hour she did the same, only she did it along with dressing two kids and feeding the dog. When she passed me she was only continuing a saga that is played out every morning for her. 

Yes sir, we are definitely different creations by God. I don’t believe a man can work on that many levels at once. I would have pulled over, taken care of the kid in the back, told the one in the front to hush until I finished on the phone, and surely wouldn’t have used the rearview mirror as a makeup station! Well, I might have — only to make sure my preacher hair was in place.

Just think God created a wonderful diversity in life with opposites in life that complement and complete the other. That is why men and women are made as they are by God. They are created to fulfill what is missing in the other. God saw this lacking of fulfillment in Adam and created a beautiful helpmate. Jesus used this fulfillment as an illustration of God’s love for us. The Apostle Paul said true love was greater than faith and hope. So, then our differences are not for a war of the sexes, but a celebration of our uniqueness in creation. Boy, God does good work, doesn’t He?

By the way, if I were a betting man I bet that lady made it to the school, the daycare then to work on time. Then, you know what? She got off from work, picked everyone up and had supper cooked before the 6 o’clock news about Donald Trump and Ukraine.


Dr. Gerald Hallmark is a retired minister living in Alexander City. His column appears here each Friday.