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The Lake Martin Area United Way will soon kick off its 2019-20 fundraising campaign and we encourage all citizens in Tallapoosa and Coosa counties to give whatever they can for this worthy cause.

Earlier this week, executive director Sharon Fuller gave a reminder of how important the United Way is in funding 28 local agencies.

“Over in Coosa County, there was somebody who wasn’t able to pay their power bill in this heat and we were able to get it turned back on yesterday,” she said. “We helped 25,000 people through our 28 agencies last year and 99% of the money stays in the community.”

The United Way exceeded its goal of $535,000 last year by finishing at $570,000 and its 2019-20 goal will be announced Aug. 27.

Why should you give?

Why shouldn’t you?

The money is carefully spent and touches the lives of the newborn, children, adults and seniors. It helps programs to deal with child abuse, rape victims, feeds the hungry, clothes and gives shelter to those who need it. It helps rescuers find drowning victims. It helps kids with their reading.

To get the help you need from the United Way and all those affiliated agencies, simply dial 211. To keep those services coming, please pay it forward.