our view

The last year the COVID-19 pandemic has left many with questions.

Many have basically sheltered in place. Some have lived their lives as if there were no concerns.

The vaccinations appear to be slowing the spread of COVID-19 but the shot in the arm is still no reason to just return to old ways. At the same time it allows us some freedom.

Churches are reopening more and more, and not just for regular worship. There are Bible studies and Sunday school for some.

Many restaurants have reopened dining rooms to regular capacity. Many businesses are just asking for compliance wearing a mask.

It is our responsibility to be mindful of others and their perspective in regards to the pandemic but at the same time it doesn’t mean we must stop our lives.

Lake season is here once again. Options for vacations are opening up, but why do we need to travel far. There are plenty of opportunities for staycations around us.

Main Street Alexander City is holding two monthly events through the summer to encourage people to come downtown. Lake Martin Young Professionals is hosting Strand Sessions once a month. Parks are open. Our children are once again presenting band concerts to a live audience.

Jazz Fest is just around the corner.

Let’s travel just a few miles down the road and camp at Wind Creek State Park for a few days. For those averse to sleeping on air mattresses, let’s build blanket forts at home with our children and get up the next morning to go hiking. We can also take a day off and sleep in before attending a local event.

The Outlook wants to encourage everyone to support our local organizations, churches and businesses as they try to figure out the new normal.

Everything is still there for us to once again realize why we all love our small community.