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Dear Editor,

Do you ever stop and just ponder, “where are we exactly in the country in the COVID-19 fight?”

Do you believe the “official” information on where we are on the virus? To be 100% honest, I don’t know what or who believe anymore. Did we and are we still relying too much on Dr. Anthony Fauci and how do you reconcile the conflicting and wrong answers he has disseminated? I personally heard him say in March,  “face mask were not necessary and were more or less symbolic.” During the same time frame, he also told the news media shutting the country down was, “not necessary.” Of course, you know both were misleading. 

July 14, the national media breathlessly reported Florida has just reported a record 15,000 new COVID-19 cases in one day. Just the following day, conservative media reports surfaced from WOFL-TV, Orlando uncovered a massive fraud in virus lab testing and reporting. They found all 300 testing labs involved with Florida testing had just reported a 100% positive result of the same day testing. 

Now if you know anything about math or statistics, you know that is impossible. It was revealed this information was sent directly to the Florida Department of Public Health and in turn, forwarded to the CDC which released it to the national media. Now folks it doesn’t take rocket science to see we are being conned!

So, what are we to do?  We have officials from the local level all the way to Washington who we have no choice, apparently, but to blindly follow not unlike sheep to slaughter. Just months ago who would have believed an aging scientist would be granted powers to shut down the most productive economy in the world, dictate when private business can and cannot be open, even determine when, were and how you and I worship?

This has simply got to stop.  And, I predict immediately following the November presidential election, the scare tactics will cease. There will be no more need for them anymore-regardless of who wins.

Sources: EIB Network, 7/15/20; WOFL-TV Orlando,  Conservative Fighter 7/15/20

James W. Anderson