Dear Editor,

I feel that I must set the record straight after reading several comments from an employee of the City of Alexander City. I was shocked when I read the comments that the city engineer, Gerard Brewer, made about the conditions of the city when I served as mayor. Mr. Brewer stated that city employees were worried about losing their jobs due to the city shutting down. This could not be further from the truth. I did not have one single employee express to me their fears that the city would shut down due to lack of funds or any other reason.

It is true that I did not feel the finance director at the time was capable of doing her job. I attempted to have her replaced which would easily have solved the problem. However, the council refused to allow me to get a new finance director on several occasions. Certainly Mr. Brewer recalls the council’s actions.

It is surprising to me that Mr. Brewer should have any reason to criticize the city that allows him to have a handsome salary. He has the nerve to spout off untruths about things that happened several years ago and then take his salary home to Lee County.

I can only assume Mr. Brewer was attempting to look good in front of the new mayor by criticizing the past administration. I feel that I should warn him that this type of behavior may come back to haunt to him.

Charles R. Shaw Sr.

Alexander City