Our View editorials are written by Outlook staff.

As turmoil continues, there are some accidents and incidences that can be avoided if we follow the proper guidelines. Last week, a head-on collision in Camp Hill injured six people who were then flown to UAB and Children’s Hospital.

The cause of the accident is still unknown but can serve as a reminder for us to be safe on the road. There are many reckless driving behaviors we can all avoid to prevent catastrophes like this from happening.

There are laws that are strictly enforced along with common courtesy rules of the road and following both could keep tempers lower and drivers safer.

Too many times people cause accidents from not stopping at a stop sign; pulling out in front of another vehicle without looking; texting and not paying attention; or simply not following the rules. 

The Outlook urges all drives to brush up on driving laws and proper protocol, especially for Tallapoosa County.

These are a few key tips to remember:

The left lane on a highway is for passing vehicles only. Keep traffic moving properly by driving in the right lane unless passing or turning left.

A stop sign means just that: Stop — not yield or slowly roll up and keep going. Coming to a complete stop can prevent a possible fender bender from an oncoming vehicle.

Blinkers help warn others you’re switching lanes, turning onto a side street or passing another car. Blinkers are essential to communication on the road.

According to the website Drive Safe Alabama, more than 90% of highway crashes are caused by driver error, lack of knowledge, inattention, physical or mental condition, improper attitude or faulty judgment.

These are simply some reminders for when you get behind the wheel and we all need to do better. The Outlook urges drivers to be aware, follow the law and keep one another protected.