Our View

The start of summer kicks off with graduations and other reasons to gather and celebrate.

It is an important time in the life of graduates who have lost the last three months of school to the coronavirus pandemic. They deserve recognition and celebration but in careful ways.

It is great to see high school seniors have formal graduation ceremonies. It is great graduates get to cherish this moment with family but we must be careful.

Cases of COVID-19 are still appearing so everyone must stay vigilant in practicing social distancing. 

Yes it is hard for us not to hug our grandparents but that close contact can pass along the virus.

Traditional celebrations and gatherings are not recommended but that doesn’t mean you can’t commemorate. Events can be held with social distancing in mind — just checkout Tuesday’s Outlook on how a family celebrated a 1-year-old’s birthday. Chapman Healthcare Center helped a family celebrate Mother’s Day following guidelines.

It doesn’t have to be a traditional gathering. 

We have seen weddings with guests in boats as the ceremony happens on shore. We have seen drive-thru parades across town. The Alexander City Fire Department has even flown its giant American flag outside Bill Nichols State Veterans Home twice to let residents know the outside world cares about the residents.

Put your thinking caps on and come up with something unique. Plan something to allow social distancing and still celebrate the graduates’ milestone events. To honor these seniors, send The Outlook photographs of you celebrating and we might use them.