our view

As a newspaper, we hold high responsibilities.

We’re watchdogs of your local government. We’re storytellers of your friends and neighbors. We’re dedicated to holding those in power accountable for their actions and their words. We’re committed to telling the truths of our community which is a duty we don’t take lightly. 

We are also dedicated to being unbiased. We are taught to never put our opinions into our stories or let our personal beliefs bleed into the stories we write. 

Everything we do must be fair and just. We have to tell both sides — sometimes more than two sides — of every story. 

That being said, this page is one full page dedicated to opinions. In this particular space, “Our View” editorials allow us to share our opinions. We share viewpoints of what the newspaper believes in or is against.

The rest of the page allows for opinions from you — yes, anyone. Want to praise a local group? Want to call out the government or even us? We’ll let you do it right here as long as your opinions are valid and don’t slander anyone. 

That being said, all opinions are welcome and valued. If you don’t believe in the same things as us, that’s great. We’ll still publish it. If you agree with us, super. We’ll publish that too. We just want to know what our readers are thinking, what’s important to them and what makes them tick.

This space is dedicated to the voices of our community and what they believe in. We crave local faces and voices on this page, but we can do that only if you send things in. Want your voice to be heard? Send us your thoughts as a letter to the editor or guest column to editor@alexcityoutlook.com.