Beverly Price

Alexander City Schools deputy superintendent Dr. Beverly Price asks Alexander City Middle School student BilZavier Laney about his math work.

Dear Editor,

I have said before that God has something big waiting on Dr. Beverly Price.

I want to thank the superintendent for seeing Mrs. Price’s qualities that she possesses instead of the color of her skin. Dr. Keith Lankford, I thank you. The community thanks you for putting the children first.

That is how you lead, you have hired the best for that job.

You haven’t been in your job long, but you can see a valuable asset sitting in the wrong place.

Member of the board of education knew her credentials and didn’t even consider her at all, but I am grateful that you gave her the deputy superintendent job. She is overly qualified and if people would select people that are qualified instead of looking at the color of their skin, you will have the best run school in the country.

That’s when they put children first and get themselves out of the way.

Arlean Wyckoff

Alexander City